Here are some tips for extending the life of the tyres on your car.

Although an automobile’s engine is its brain, tyres are still necessary to keep it moving. When the car is moving or sitting still and has a heavy load on it, it is the only part that makes contact with the road. Although tyres are essential for a comfortable ride, owners frequently ignore them until they need to be replaced.

Here are some methods that will increase tyre life so you don’t have to repair and replace your car tyres as often.

Check the Air Pressure:

It is important to regularly check the air pressure. Depending on the size of the tyre and the dimensions of the vehicle, manufacturers prescribe a specific tyre pressure for each model they sell. Less tyre pressure not only uses more fuel, but also harms the wheels and tyre. Tyres that are overinflated put the car’s safety in jeopardy.

Tire Rotation:

To extend the life of your tyres, rotate them every 6,000 miles. The tyres should be rotated diagonally from front to back. In place of the right back tyre are the left front tyre and the left front tyre is in place of the right back tyre. This can be carried out as part of regular maintenance or an oil change.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing:

If you travel through rough terrain or on long distance roads, it is advisable to perform wheel alignment and balancing every 5000 kilometres. Potholes and bumps can cause wheel misalignment, which puts too much pressure on the tyres. There will be significant wear and tear as a result.

Valves and Caps:

When replacing worn-out tyres, it’s also necessary to replace the valves and caps. This will guarantee proper air retention and improved tyre performance.

Avoid Rude Driving:

Frequent braking and abrupt stops put too much pressure on the tyres. Drive carefully at the best speeds. Avoid abrupt accelerations and braking. Additionally, aggressive cornering speeds up tyre wear and tear.

Prevent Overloading:

Cars that are overloaded put excessive pressure on their wheels and tyres, which significantly shortens their lifespan. Maintain the recommended weight and watch out for overcrowding the vehicle with passengers and luggage.

Tyre Punctured:

If the tyre has been punctured or has very little air in it Use the jack to replace it with a spare tyre, or go to a nearby garage for assistance in getting it fixed. Running the car on a tyre that is underinflated can harm the wheels and tyre. Additionally, it raises fuel usage.

Visual Examination:

Periodically check the tread and surface of the tyre for any signs of uneven wear. Clear out any rocks or metal shavings lodged in the groove. If the tread depth is decreasing quickly, it might be time for a wheel alignment or tyre replacement. The lifespan of the tyre can also be impacted by issues with the suspension and break.

Avoid driving at excessive speeds on concrete roads or roads with potholes or bumps, even though road conditions are unpredictable. Manage such obstructions gently to allow for unrestricted movement. Increased friction from cemented surfaces wears down tyres. It will reduce a tire’s lifespan.

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