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Audi Repair Dubai

We provide best Audi repair Dubai at affordable rates where satisfaction is guaranteed. Just give us a call and get the job done by sitting at home or workplace. Get finest Audi Car Service Dubai from Car Garage Expert. 

Audi Service
spare part and accessories

Spare Parts & Accessories

Audi Repair Dubai

We at Car Garage Expert are aware of the devotion and pride Audi owners have for their cars. Audi vehicles are renowned for their elegance, power, and cutting-edge technology. We are your go-to company for Audi repair Dubai, providing dependable, expert services that are on par with the high calibre of your Audi. Here are some reasons why Audi owners choose us when they need high-calibre repairs:

Expert Audi Repairs: Craftsmanship That Matches Audi's Excellence

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in Audi’s detail engineering. From normal maintenance to major difficult repairs, we handle each Audi with expertise and precision. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your Audi receives the care and attention it deserves, maintaining its performance and reliability.

Technology Meets Dedication

Step into Car Garage Expert or book us via mobile, we offer where the latest technology and dedicated craftsmanship come together. Our advanced inspection tools and modern equipment allow us to conduct thorough assessments and precise repairs. Your Audi is in good hands, receiving top-tier service to keep it running flawlessly.

Genuine Parts for Genuine Performance: Authentic Audi Parts Only

Your Audi is designed for exceptional performance and using genuine Audi parts is crucial to maintaining its brilliance. We exclusively use authentic Audi parts in all our repairs. Genuine parts ensure compatibility, durability and the same level of performance your Audi was built for, guaranteeing a driving experience that lives up to Audi’s legacy.

Audi Diagnostics is done quickly

Audi vehicles are equipped with advanced technology, making diagnosing issues a specialized task. Our technicians are experts in Audi diagnostics, enabling us to identify problems swiftly and accurately. We understand Audi’s intricate systems, ensuring precise diagnoses and efficient repairs to keep your Audi performing at its best.

Solutions that suit best for your Audi!

Whether your Audi needs normal maintenance checks, equipment inspections or specialized repairs, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services. From oil changes to intricate electrical inspection, our services are tailored to address all aspects of your Audi. Our goal is to keep your car performing at its peak, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

Your Confidence, Our Priority

At Car Garage Expert, we believe in open and clear communication. Before any repair work begins, we provide detailed explanations of the issues, the required repairs and the approximate costs. Your confidence and trust matter to us. We keep you informed every step of the way, empowering you to make well-informed decisions about your Audi’s maintenance.

Schedule Your Audi Car Service Dubai Today: Contact Us Now!

Your Audi deserves the best care, and that’s exactly what we offer at Car Garage Expert. Experience the difference of having your Audi repair Dubai by professionals who understand and respect the legacy of this exceptional brand.

Don’t sacrifice your Audi’s performance or safety. Schedule your service appointment today and let us ensure your Audi continues to shine on Dubai roads. Car Garage Expert, where expertise meets excellence, and your Audi receives the care it deserves.


Audi Service Packages

Basic Service

299AED 199AED
  • Collection & Delivery
  • 360 Degree Health Check
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • Oil
  • Oil Filter

Full Service

349AED 249AED
  • Collection & Delivery
  • 360 Degree Health Check
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Air Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • AC Checkup
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid
  • Brake Check
  • Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
* Specialist oil or different grades of oil may be required for your vehicle that will incur an additional cost. This will be quoted to you on the day of the service.
* Spark plugs replacement labor will require a minimum of 1 Hour labor and may be more depending on your vehicle model and if your vehicle requires a spark plug change. This labor price will be quoted to you on the day of your service.

Save up to 80% on agency prices for Audi Service Centers

Car Garage Expert provide best Audi Repair Dubai. We are ready to serve you with just a call. You won’t have to visit any service centre in Dubai. Car Garage Expert helps you save all the time and hassle of going to Audi workshop who do not offer prompt services. We’ve got a team of best Audi technicians Dubai has to offer. Regardless of which Audi garage your car gets taken to, it’ll be in good hands for sure.  Our Audi maintenance services include:

Best Audi Service Dubai



Our call centre operates from 8AM - 7PM, Monday to Saturday. Call us at +971 55 5797960

After making the booking, our driver will arrive at a time and location of your choice. We will inspect your car and check for any faults and concerns you may have. A collection report will then be generated and sent on sms & email. If you have any concerns or enquiries, please contact customer support at 8002665464. Please remove any valuable belongings as your car passes through multiple departments. All our staff wear face masks, gloves, and take other necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Once the car arrives at the workshop, a service advisor is assigned and a full detailed report with images is generated again. The car is checked by the next available technician. After checking, the health check report is sent by sms & email. If needed, our parts advisors search for highest quality parts with the best prices in the market. A quotation is then generated and sent to you via sms & email to accept or reject. No work is carried out without your approval. Once we receive your decision, the parts are ordered and your car repair or service is initiated. eligendi, totam, facilis laudantium cum accusamus ullam voluptatibus commodi numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

Once the car service is complete, it goes for a quality check, and a road test. If it fails the quality check, it gets sent back to the workshop for further diagnosis. After passing the road test, the car goes for cleaning. The insides get vacuumed and the outside gets shampooed, washed, and dried. The car goes for another quality check after the cleaning. After it passes, an invoice will be generated and a link to make the online payment gets sent to you by SMS and email. Once the invoice is paid, a driver is then assigned to deliver your car back to you. The driver will carry out a final inspection with you and generate a delivery report which will be sent to you on SMS and email. 

Our Audi Car Service Dubai

Our Audi Car Service Dubai offer a range of services including audi detailing, battery replacement, car scanning, car electrical diagnostic, engine repair, oil change, car wash, maintenance and recovery. 

  • Computerized battery tests
  • Car battery services
  • Battery cable tests
  • Comprehensive electrical check
  • Car polishing
  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Car detailing
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Gearbox diagnostics
  • Advanced diagnostics software
  • State-of-the-art scanning facilities
  • Engine tuning
  • Engine detailing
  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Complete engine overhaul
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Flat tyre recovery
  • Flat battery recovery
  • All types of roadside assistance
  • General car maintenance
  • Basic, Full, and Major service packages
  • Auto mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Tyre Polishing
  • Dashboard Cleaning
  • Dashboard Polishing
  • Body Wash
  • Basic service
  • Full service
  • Major service
  • Free pickup and delivery




10,000 KM

We provide a 12 month/10,000 KM warranty with every car service. Whether you choose to buy genuine or aftermarket parts from us, both come with a hassle-free warranty policy. The labour is also covered under the warranty.



10,000 KM

We provide a 12 month/10,000 KM warranty with mechanical repairs excluding AC, electrical, seals and consumables. Whether you choose to buy genuine or aftermarket parts, both come with a hassle-free warranty policy. The labour is also covered under the warranty. Additional Terms apply.



5,000 KM

We provide a 6 month/5,000 KM warranty with all electrical repairs. Whether you choose to buy genuine or aftermarket parts from us, both come with a hassle-free warranty policy. The labour is also covered under the warranty.



10,000 KM

We provide a 6 month/5,000 KM warranty with all car AC repairs. Whether you choose to buy genuine or aftermarket parts from us, both come with a hassle free warranty policy. The labour is also covered under the warranty.



10,000 KM

We provide a 12 month/10,000 KM warranty with all car batteries & tyres. For tyres only manufacturer defects are covered under the warranty and the manufacturer may request to inspect the tyres at the time of claiming. Wear and tear is not included in this warranty policy. For batteries, an immediate replacement will be provided within 12 months


Car garage customer service

Get your car repaired or serviced from home in just a few clicks

Car Garage Expert

Your dedicated personal car service advisor is available to assist you anytime

Car garage 360 service

360 degree health check carried out with every service


Safe, simple and secure leaving you with peace of mind

12 months or 10,000 km – whichever comes first

Network of approved car garages across the UAE


Frequently Asked Questions

You pay for the service package online at the time of booking. for any additional parts or extra work, you can pay after the work is completed. 

The process is simple. On the day of your service, our agent will arrive at the collection point. He will check your car for any damage and prepare a damage report of your vehicle, which will be sent to you by SMS and e-mail. Your car is then taken to the garage and fully inspected with a comprehensive health check.

If any issues are found during the service, we will source the parts and give you a quote for them, and any labour work during repairs. Our advisor will contact you to obtain your approval for any vehicle repairs. If you accept, we will carry out the service and additional repairs, and if you decline, only the service will be conducted.

Once payment has been received, your car will be delivered to you along with a comprehensive delivery report. You can check the report to see if any additional damages are on your car. All our invoices, inspection reports, delivery reports, and parts requests are sent digitally to your phone via SMS, e-mail, or on the app.

We offer convenient benefits and savings on all your wear and tear items including batteries, brakes and tyres and on non-mechanical repairs. If you have any queries you can simply use our online chat support or call 800-BOOKING to speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to assist you

We have a network of garages all over the United Arab Emirates. All our garages are vetted, checked, qualified and insured to work on your vehicle. We personally visit every garage regularly to ensure your car is in the best hands

Simply put, you get to skip the trip and long wait times at garages. Sit back and relax at home while we service your car. With free pickup and delivery, a comprehensive health check, and 12 months/10,000 km parts and labour warranty, there’s so much more to choosing ServiceMyCar. As a bonus, we also get trade prices from our garage partners that can be passed on to you.