The 8 Most Regular Car Issues – Fixed in Dubai

Let’s be honest. No matter how diligently you maintain your car, a problem may occasionally occur. Even the best vehicles and drivers experience various issues with their vehicles.

Never overlook car-related problems if you encounter them. You can ultimately save time and money by getting it fixed right away. It is crucial to think about both your safety and the safety of your passengers.

The timely completion of scheduled maintenance is only one part of good car care. Despite this, problems could still occur. This is the reason why the dependable car repair professionals at Car garage  Expert have created this list.

In this list of the top 8 auto issues, we examine potential reasons while, as always, providing remedies. Continue reading to learn the best ways to handle the most frequent auto problems.

#1: An unreliable engine

There are a ton of moving parts in the engine module. Even if the engine is made up of many moving parts, problems could still arise.

Engine sputtering or engine misfiring is one of the most prevalent problems with engines. Do not be reluctant to contact Car garage  Expert if you have such a problem. Your engine and vehicle will regain its peak performance levels thanks to our thorough auto engine repair.

#2 – Poor fuel efficiency

The fuel system is made up of a number of parts, just like the engine module. Your fuel consumption rates remain optimal as long as the engine is functioning properly.

You can experience low fuel economy when the fuel system’s components deteriorate. From the air filter to the fuel filter, it could be anything. Being proactive when scheduling routine auto maintenance is the best approach to handle this.

Service For all of your auto maintenance requirements, Car garage  Expert offers specialised service packages that are incredibly convenient.

#3: Different warning indicators

One of the most frequent problems is a dashboard warning light that illuminates. This may be anything from the battery failure light to the check engine light.

No matter what kind of light you see, it’s advisable to contact a Car garage  Expert right away. To find and resolve the problem, our team of skilled auto mechanics will perform automobile scanning and diagnostics.

A dead automobile battery is item #4.

The average car battery lasts about three years, as we’ve already mentioned. There could be a number of causes if your battery dies during this time.

Reduced amps commonly contribute to it by reducing the device’s capacity to maintain a charge. Alternator damage, problems with the temperature sensor, and other factors are among the additional causes.

Five – A broken timing belt

The timing belt in your automobile is likely to be failing if you hear a ticking noise coming from the engine. The timing belt might deteriorate after prolonged usage since it is connected by several pulleys.

A worn-out timing belt thus starts to make ticking noises. Get a professional to check your timing belt if you hear this while driving.

Car garage  Expert has the top timing belt specialists. By obtaining a quote right now, you can get a hassle-free timing belt replacement.

Sixth: A flat tire

The most common cause of flat tires is colliding with a sharp object. However, it’s conceivable that ordinary wear and tear could result in such problems. To prevent severe wear and tear, it is recommended that you have your tires rotated on a regular basis.

If you still encounter such a problem,Car garage  Expert can assist you in quickly getting back on the road. We offer quick flat tire help as part of our roadside assistance services.

#7: A sluggish automatic transmission

A module for an automatic transmission should operate trouble-free for more than 300,000 kilometres with adequate maintenance. A failure in any of the transmission system’s many components, which there are many of, might result in slippage.

It is best to have an examination done right away if you have transmission slippage or if your gears aren’t changing smoothly. Service If there are any problems with your transmission module, Car garage  Expert provides unmatched auto transmission repairs.

A twitchy steering wheel is item #8.

A twitchy steering wheel can cause a wide range of problems. However, based on our experience, wheel misalignment is the most typical problem.

The vibration of the steering wheel, particularly during turns, is one of the telltale indicators of wheel misalignment. If you’re still unclear, it doesn’t harm to ask a professional for advice on what might be the issue’s root cause.

Get back on the road with effortless steering by scheduling a wheel alignment service at Car Garage Expert right away.

In conclusion, routine auto maintenance is necessary for all vehicles to run efficiently. By scheduling maintenance procedures like wheel alignments and oil changes, you may take the initiative. Other problems, though, can also come up.


Having a reliable auto repair business on hand is the best course of action in such circumstances. Car Garage Expert is a cutting-edge vehicle solution that allows you access to the best shops in the area.

You may be confident that your automobile will be taken to the best spot by using car garages that specialise in particular models and repairs. On our website or the Service My Car app, you may request a quote for your auto repair right now.


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